Thursday, August 9, 2012


i will be moving in to my dorm room in two weeks and one day-shocking, scary, exciting, nerve-racking, sad, and happy; all the emotions that cloud my mind. as i continue preparing for living on my own, i have come up with some good advice/tips for packing as well as some of the essential items that are not usually remembered.

i put tags on my buttons so i know what they belong to, put them in a baggie together and you wont lose them.

luggage tags- good to have in general, especially when traveling home-not via parents... (vera bradley bag tag)

an ice cube tray with thin sticks (so they fit in water bottles) and straws (i use a straw for everything!) (ikea ice cube tray and straws)

dont forget typical "school supplies" like notebooks, pens, folders, etc.

i compacted my dorm stuff- much smaller pile now. 

im just hoping it will fit in my moms van for move-in...

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