Friday, August 10, 2012

photography friday: printing

as im preparing for going to college in just 2 weeks, ive been gathering up some of my favorite pictures from the summer to print and put in frames. from california to nyc, i covered quite a bit of space this summer and cannot wait to decorate my drom room with all of my memories.

hannah, me and emmett in california

hannah and emmett in yosemite

the golden gate bridge

a cute sailboat

hannie :)

me maggie and laura in nyc

the nyc skyline

the sunrise

me and maggie on te steps of the met

meghan and i at my grad party

me and hannah at my grad party

rainbow :)

outake from alice's senior photo shoot of emily, alice and hannah-how cute!

my beautiful best friend

love them <3 p="p">  
gorgeous-im gonna miss this girls smile


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