Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween party :)

yesterday me and my family got to carve pumpkins (a long held tradition) before my friend, laura, had a halloween party! it was very fun and her decorations were great! we ate yummy food, played a lot of just dance, and of course, took many many pictures. here is a sneak peek of the guest line up from the evening (more pictures from today at school to come tomorrow!) and my pumpkin.
my pumpkin! surprised by the moon? i bet not ;)

jackie as...justin bieber (a pretty good man impersonator if i do say so myself!)

maggie$ha (makes a great kesha right?)

laura as...kate middleton (awesome right? she even made her blue class ring the engagement ring!)

meghan as...a hipster named olive (legit.)

and me as...a ballerina (anna pavlova!) 

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