Tuesday, November 1, 2011

positivity. {eyes and ears 2}

change of plans! we didnt taek pictures today at school so instead of a halloween recap im going to do a positive post, i really need it.
lately (from college stuff, friend stuff, work stuff, cheer stuff, emotional stuff, all stuff) ive been way stressed and generally unhappy. depending on the situation i will do different things to bring up my mood. currently im focusing on listening to great comfort music and reading/ looking at quotes and pictures on weheartit. after a little of this, i can easily be back on track and working hard. :)

Quotes / Amen.
so true...
Quotes | LauraJul | Page 4
love it :)
sometimes i need to focus on my own mood first
words of wisdom
counting my way back.
need to remember that one...
possibly one of my favorite images/quotes from weheartit ever. the colors, the type, the message-beautiful.


in a mellow mood and made a great cd for alice lately, here are 3 wonderful mood boosting songs from it:

banana pancakes- jack johnson {link}

merry happy- kate nash {link}

its your life-francesca batettistelli {link}

(the others are-if you wanted to know!-
hey soul sister- train (alice's favorite!)
faster- matt nathanson
ocean wide- the afters
industry- jon mclaughlin
brighter than the sun- colbie caillat
lights- ellie goulding (last week...)
dog days are over- florence + the machine
falling slowly- kris allen -feat. on last week's post
hope- jack johnson
stand in the rain- superchick
starry eyed- ellie goulding (last week's post as well)
gravity- sara bareilles
send me all your angels- kris allen
come on get higher- matt nathanson
just give it time- jon mclaughlin
turning tables- adele
f***ing perfect- p!nk)

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