Monday, January 2, 2012


happy new year!
its officially 2012...crazy!
my weekend was lovely. my party was fun, got some awesome presents (thanks, guys!) and we had a lot of fun "clubbing" (haha). i was blessed to relax on new years eve at my friend, katherines house. we just hung out and watch the other guys. oh, and ate a ton of food!! (new years healthy eating resolutions started yesterday so the night before you gotta pack in as much junk as possible, right!?)
heres so highlights from my party as well as some fun photography i did yesterday :)

alice and me :)

maureen, rachel, meghan, me, and laura 

the 18 year olds! (rachel, maggie, me, and katie)

funny :) 

aww <3

a cute mini dessert book from katherine!

the coolest magnet board ever. alice wrote all kinds of sayings, quotes and words in a tree shape. so so cute!!

the most adorable soap dispenser ever! thank you, alina :)
i used picnik to add the fun quotes.

doing the heart bokeh is surprisingly hard! im still working on getting it right.

(p.s. - with my new years resolution of doing the 30 day photography challenge, instead of posting them each day, ill do "photography fridays" and post the weeks pictures then. also, i will probably continue that "theme" and do other photos beyond january)

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