Monday, May 28, 2012

eyes and ears {29}

ive been a very nautical and preppy mood lately. i cannot WAIT for my vacations (so soon!) and all i can dream about is the beach- both pacific and atlantic! here are some lovely images of preppy things and some current favorite "mellow" songs!


(via imgTumble)
are these girls not the cutest??
Honey Fitz from Kiel James Patrick
james kiel patrick bracelet-i want one!
i saw this outfit on and i about died of how much i love it. 
i will never- i repeat, never- get over my obsession with stripes.
monogrammed pillow
i want a monogrammed pillow like this for college!


forever and always- parachute (i cry every time...)

howl- florence + the machine (i love love love florence + the machine- this song is fabulous!)

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